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Technology Terms

   A lexicon of technology terminology.


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Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) A constantly charging battery pack which powers the computer. A UPS should have enough charge to power your computer for several minutes in the event of a total power failure, giving you time to save your work and safely shut down.
UNIX This is an operating system developed by AT&T. It's big push it that it allows one server to service many different end users at one time.
upload To send a file from one computer to another through a network.
UPS Acronym for Uninterruptible Power Source. Prevents devices from shutting down abruptly due to a power outage or brownout.
URL Stands for Universal Resource Locator. It's a fancy way of saying Internet Address.
User Someone attached to a server or host.
vaporware software advertised, and sometimes sold, that does not yet exist in a releasable for.
VDD Stands for Virtual Device Driver.
Veronica Stands for Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives. A database of menu names from a large number of Gopher servers. A quick and easy way to search Gopher resources for information by keyword.
VGA Stands for Video Graphics Adapter. This is a lower level color monitor.
virtual memory Using part of your hard drive as though it were "RAM".
VIRUS Very Important Resource Under Siege (or...Vicious Internal Rabbit/Rodent Uprooting Stuff). Actually, it's a small program written specifically to cause problems in your computer.
VMS Stands for Video Memory System
VRML Stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. It's a form of application that gives a 3-D effect to pictures sometimes allowing you to "move" through them.