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Technology Terms

   A lexicon of technology terminology.


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query This is to make a computer request of a database.
QuickTime The Apple system extension that gives one the ability to compress, edit and play animation, movies and sound on the Mac.
RAM Random-Access Memory. It's the memory of the computer.
real time This is method of processing data the moment it is received. Batch mode is a term used for a mainframe computer dealing with data when it has the time.
RealAudio This is a method of playing sounds invented by Rob Glasser that creates a buffer between the supplying server and your computer. The file is played without downloading it completely.
reset switch A switch on the Mac that restarts the computer in the event of a crash or freeze.
RISC Acronym for Reduced Instruction Set Computing; the smaller set of commands used by the PowerPC and Power Mac.
ROM Acronym for Read Only Memory; memory that can only be read from and not written to.
root directory The main hard drive location, e.g. "C:\".