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Technology Terms

   A lexicon of technology terminology.


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Object Something that contains both the data and the application that operates on that data.
OOP Object Oriented Program. A larger program made up of smaller objects.
operating system The system software that controls the computer, such as Windows XP or MacOS.
optical disk A high-capacity storage medium that is read by a laser light.
palette A small floating window that contains tools used in a given application.
partition A subdivision of a hard drives surface that is defined and used as a separate drive.
paste To insert text, or other material, from the clipboard or copy buffer.
PC Personal Computer, commonly used to refer to an IBM or IBM clone computer which uses DOS.
PCI Peripheral Component Interchange - the newer, faster bus architecture.
peripheral An add-on component to your computer.
PICT Pronounced "Pick,t." It is another image format.
Plug-In This is a program that your browser uses to manipulate a downloaded file. It differs from a Helper Application in that the plug-in works inside the browser window.
point (1/72") 12 points = one pica in printing.
pop-up menu Any menu that does not appear at the top of the screen in the menu bar. (may pop up or down)
port A connection socket or jack
Power Mac A family of Macs built around the PowerPC chip.
Power PC A processing chip designed by Apple, IBM and Motorola (RISC based).
PPP Point To Point Protocol. It's a software application that allows an attachment to a server.
print spooler A program that stores documents to be printed on the hard drive, thereby freeing the memory up and allowing other functions to be performed while printing goes on in the background.
protocol This is a series of set rules that allow items to transfer.