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Technology Terms

   A lexicon of technology terminology.


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Gateway As in Common Gateway Interface (CGI). It is a piece of software that allows two items to communicate with each other. They are used to make connections between computers and systems inside that computer.
GIF Pronounced "jif." Stands for Graphical Interchange Format. It is an image format created by Compuserve.
gig A gigabyte = 1024 megabytes.
Gigabyte (GB) It's about a billion bytes. Actually it's 2 to the 30th power or 1,073,741,824.
GIGO It's an acronym that stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Gopher One of the first commonly used interfaces for the Internet with a format structure and resource for providing information. It was created at the University of Minnesota who's mascot is the gopher.
GUI Pronounced "gooey". It stands for Graphical User Interface. It's the graphical representations you see on the screen.
hard drive A large capacity storage device made of multiple disks housed in a rigid case.
Hardware These are the physical items including your computer and floppy discs.
head crash A hard disk crash caused by the heads coming in contact with the spinning disk(s).
highlight To select by clicking once on an icon or by highlighting text in a document.
HTML Stands for HyperText Markup Language. Common language used to write documents on World Wide Web.
HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol. Common protocol used to communicate between World Wide Web Servers.
Hypertext This is a mark-up language that allows for non-linear transfers of data. The method allows your computer to provide the computational power rather than attaching to a mainframe and waiting for it to do the work for you.