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Technology Terms

   A lexicon of technology terminology.


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EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code. It is also called the Extended ASCII Code, as it adds an eighth digit to the normal seven-digit code.
E-Mail Stands for Electronic Mail. E-mail is actually a method of transferring files among computers, rather than the file itself, but that's what the name has come to mean.
encryption This is any one of many methods to transfer a file into a hard-to-crack code. It is often done by scrambling or by letter-to-letter replacement.
engine As in "Search Engine". This is the working part of a database or application.
ethernet A protocol for fast communication and file transfer across a network.
expansion slot A connector inside the computer which allows one to plug in a printed circuit board that provides new or enhanced features.
extension An add-on to a program that enhances its function
FAQ FAQ Stands for Frequently Asked Questions. An FAQ is a file or document where a moderator or administrator will post commonly asked questions and their answers.
FAT Stands for File Allocation Table. Basically this is a table of contents in a directory that tells the computer what al is in there. Look at your Netscape cache, you'll see a FAT. It'll be the first file.
Fiber-Optic This is a new style of cable being used for very high speed data transmission. It works by pushing (modulating) a light wave across cable. The data is carried along with the light.
fibre channel As applied to data storage and network topology.
file The generic word for an application, document, control panel or other computer data.
File Sharing This is the most important feature of the Internet. This is a method of allowing one server to give the same file to many different end users.
floppy A 3.5 inch square rigid disk which holds data. (so named for the earlier 5.25 and 8 inch disks that were flexible).
folder An electronic subdirectory which contains files.
font A typeface that contains the characters of an alphabet or some other letterforms.
footprint The surface area of a desk or table which is occupied by a piece of equipment.
FORTRAN Stands for FORmula TRANslation.
fragmentation The breaking up of a file into many separate locations in memory or on a disk.
Freeware This a shortened version of Free Software. Programmers offer their work without wanting pay in return.
freeze A system error which causes the cursor to lock in place.
FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol. Use to download and upload files between computers.