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TestKAT Logo—Your Knowledge Advancement Technology tool

What Is TestKAT?

  • An “on-line” test-based Knowledge Advancement Technology tool
  • A training tool that managers and training departments can customize to their needs
  • A system for helping employees stay up-to-date with your company’s technology and policies

How can TestKAT benefit you?

  • Easily integrates into your intranet, or can be hosted for you by ByteSmith.
  • TestKAT allows you to quickly and easily create testing campaigns.
  • No lengthy learning curves—just install the application, and you’re up and running within minutes.
  • Users love TestKAT's intuitive interface.
  • Easily edit Users, Test Questions, Test Sections, and Passing Score parameters.
  • Quickly view the status and results of your team's tests based on your parameters.

Why TestKAT?

  • TestKAT has a patented Randomizer Engine that prevents users from creating “cheat-sheets”.
  • TestKAT is engineered to work in small company, or enterprise-level environments.
  • User access is tracked to the IP level. System Administrators are the only ones that have access to sensitive data.
  • TestKAT can cost less than one in-house training campaign (as little as $10 per user), yet can be used over-and-over for many campaigns.

TestKAT Logo

Try it online!

Login Instructions:

  1. Add new user:
    1. Click on Add Demo User button.
    2. Enter First and Last Name. Hit Add user.
    3. You may now Login with the user you created.
  2. Select the user you created.
  3. Type the user's password.
  4. Click the Login button.

—> Start Demo