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Useful Third-Party Products

The following are products & services provided by ByteSmith affiliates. Thank you for using the links below to access product information. While we are happy to refer these products & services, we are not directly associated with these companies, and can make no guarantees on their behalf.

Note to our clients: If you are looking for multi-user, network licenses or upgrades, please contact us for additional options.

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Backup and Recovery
Business and Productivity
CD/DVD Tools
File Management
System Utilities
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Backup and Recovery


Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows provides reliability, ease of use, and flexibility for small and midsize businesses with or without servers   More...

7tools Boot Corrector
Boot Corrector allows you to cure the majority of boot problems for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003. The key advantage of Boot Corrector is that it can correct the Windows System Registry without Windows loaded. It also helps with other operating systems when common boot problems take place, for example, when a boot virus has corrupted the MBR.   More...

Paragon Backup Utilities
Drive Backup Professional Edition delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable protection for your desktops and laptops, providing all features necessary for hard disk imaging backup, hard disk cloning and fast restore.   More...

Paragon Drive Backup 8.x Professional Edition
Drive Backup Professional Edition is a great companion to Server Edition or Enterprise Server Edition providing you with comprehensive backup solution for your corporate server-based network and data protection on laptops, which are usually missed from corporate backup schedule.

Drive Backup Professional is recommended for corporates and individuals who would like to get maximum backup/r

Paragon Drive Backup 8.x Server Edition
Drive Backup Server Edition creates real-time exact server disk image and totally protects your system and corporate data eliminating backup windows. Drive Backup Server provides you with the most comprehensive restore and recovery capabilities. You can restore separate files and folders or entire server disk contents with no reinstallations required.   More...

Paragon Rescue Kit 4.x Professional
Paragon Rescue Kit includes a bundle of Paragon's proprietary drivers for different operating systems (DOS, Linux, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) and different file systems (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2/3FS, EAFS, HTFS). They are accompanied by a set of powerful tools such as: Paragon Drive Backup, Paragon Image Explorer, Paragon Partition Manager Lite, Paragon Volume Explorer, Paragon Easy CD/DVD Record   More...

Undelete 5 Professional Edition 1
Undelete Professional provides Recovery Bin protection for files on workstations and laptops. Even if your users store most of their files on the server, there's always some data on the local machines, such as files stored on the desktop or files on roaming laptops. Undelete safeguards that data and allows instant recovery.   More...

Undelete 5 Server Edition 1
Instant file recovery and data protection
The Windows Server recycle bin doesn't protect files deleted by network clients. Traditionally, the only way to recover a file has been from backup, a time-consuming chore that can only restore the file as (and if) it existed at the time of backup-if it works at all.

Undelete 5 Server Edition provides real-time data protection that allows fil